Our Business Model

We buy from suppliers in North America, Great Britain, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand – distributing in the UK and Europe to consumers, and wholesale/dropshipping services for resellers.

Our logistics, customer services, advertising and market-analysis tools are a cost-effective and risk-managed, direct route to market. We maintain compliance with local legislation and taxes – and provide management and feedback on regulation changes and local demand trends.

What We Offer Suppliers


Regulation and tax-compliant, VAT registered shipping – through our bonded warehouses in the US, UK and Europe – with no relabelling requirements or extra import-tax charges for international customers.

Customer Services

Local telephone support in 5 European languages. Email support in most European languages. Over 600 translated FAQ responses. A very high customer feedback rating on all channels for accuracy, efficiency and service.


We budget 20% of our sales revenue for brand marketing; actively encourage online product feedback and reviews; and invest in brand advertising through our network of online partners, advertising and editorial contacts in UK newspapers and magazines.


We generate unique, independent editorial to broadcast daily marketing campaigns through online channels, articles, public relations, our growing email database, and print publishing partners.


Our team of 12 programmers work on logistics- efficiency, data accuracy, security and search engine optimisation. We work with all data formats: spreadsheets, APIs and EDI etc. Our platform contains over 60,000 products and processes thousand of orders each day.

Monitoring & Analytics

We monitor your product listings, compliance, prices and brand value on Google, Amazon and Ebay; optimising local pricing, for sustainable margins and customer value. We honour MAP price policies, price-match other value-adding resellers, and help with research to identify and minimise anonymous unauthorised resellers.

What We Need From You

To begin or update work on distribution of your current product range, we need your latest pricing spreadsheet or data-feed, with as much information as you have available, including:

Minimum Required Data

Preferred Additional Data

For faster product listing, we appreciate access to any further product information spreadsheet or data-feed you have. Otherwise, we can create this from your website info and the product labels.

Then, we produce high-quality photography and rewrite unique product descriptions to give listings the relevant keywords, terms, phrases and explanations that customers are searching for.

Please email your latest product data, available PDF marketing material, graphics, certifications, terms & conditions, ordering contact, accounts contact and payment details to our buying team…

We will assign a Buyer from the team, specialising in your segment. They will gather, review and import all the information into our systems; analyse the expected demand; plan the logistics with you; and manage promotion campaigns – to tailor your message for each country.

Our analysis, and your logistics preferences, then guide our orders for the lowest cost, and fastest routes to market… Think of us as your very own marketing and distribution team!

Authorised for Wholesale Supply

  • Swanson
  • Jarrow Formulas
  • Doctors Best
  • Garden Of Life

Authorised for Drop Shipping

  • Natrol
  • Source Naturals
  • Planetary Herbals
  • Fairhaven Health
  • Life Extension
  • Terry Naturally Euro Pharma